Introduction is part of RIFF Content Marketing B.V.. WebinarTV cares a great deal about the protection of personal information of its users and is aware these make up for a vital part of its activities and existence in general. The personal information of our users is being collected and secured with great detail.

Are you going to sign up for a webinar from one of our partners?

WebinarTV is hosting a variety of webinars for its clients. This mainly occurs on the domain, but also on underlying partnerwebsites. These pages are recognizable by the usage of the address in the address bar on your browser.

When you enter or participate in one of the webinars which are being hosted, you are asked to fill in a form. The data you enter on one of these pages is not being used for marketing purposes by WebinarTV.  Your data is never shared with 3rd parties, other then the hosting party and/or explicitly addressed party where you prior have given consent to.

For what reasons does WebinarTV use your data?

WebinarTV only uses you data to remind you twice in the run-up to a specific webinar and eventualy a 'thank you for watching'-email, where, as an example, the presentation and additional content is being shared afterwards. After a couple of weeks after the specific webinar, your data is being deleted on WebinarTV systems. In some cases, when you have previously given consent, a cookie file is being placed on your device.  This cookie is only being used to make the sign up process for an upcoming webinar more easy. Your data is (partly) being pre-filled in this case.

How does a partner use your data?

WebinarTV works with partners on this website. These partners organize a webinar by making use of the facilitating services of WebinarTV in regards to the organization of webinars. Partners mostly offer the possibility for a dialog, for example by organizing a webinar via WebinarTV (on this website). When you respond via a reply form from on of our partners, you make yourself known to them, for instance when you sign up for a webinar or newsletter. This partner can reach out to you via a follow-up.

Downloading knowledge via

It's also possible to download own information on WebinarTV. These are mainly documents which contain knowledge regarding 'organizing a webinar'. A few examples are whitepapers, ebooks, videos and joining the webinar which is hosted via WebinarTV, ect. WebinarTV only saves and uses your data  for services alligned to WebinarTV and its partners and for sending you the requested publications, subscriptions or other services or contact details.

Futhermore, we can use your data for reaching out to you regarding interesting products or services from WebinarTV or its parent company. When doing so, WebinarTV tries to weigh in your interests and preferences. Your details will never be shared with 3rd parties, unless you have given us explicit permission to do so.

If you do not take interest in information or services provided by us anymore, please let us know by contacting us. Please send your personal details to WebinarTV, Privacy Department, Joan Muyskenweg 22, 1096 CJ Amsterdam, or email us at We will delete your details accordingly.

Usage of cookies

WebinarTV can use cookies when offering its services. A cookie is a simple little file with data which is being saved on the hard disk of your personal device. These cookies are being used primairily for your ease of use. The website is able to identify you via a cookie the next time you visit. The website can be customized according to your wishes, to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Should you not wish to accept cookies, you always have the option to do so in your browser (by selecting 'cookies off' in your browser). If you should choose not to accept cookies, it's possible some funtionality will be limited or you are not able to use some services.


WebinarTV reserves the right to change its privacy statement. Please check the privacy statement on a regular basis to be aware of the latest version.

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