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‘Keeping user authentication secure and user-friendly’

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Nowadays organizations are faced with a dilemma. How do you balance protecting company and personal data with the need to deliver an exceptional user experience? Protection can run the gamut from no password needed, inputting a litany of passwords every few minutes, or the use of more modern and secure innovations such as 2FA.

When working in IT security your core task is to keep all your organization’s ‘crown jewels’ safe like financial data. On the other side, you have the internal M&A teams. Their focus lies on the platform working easily, intuitively and as quickly as possible. An everlasting debate between security and UX.

Gjalt Wijma, SO at Virtual Vaults, and Martin Vliem, NSO at Microsoft, team up in this online event to discuss secure and user-friendly authentication, share their company approaches and talk about the lessons they have learned.

The agenda will be as follows:

  • Introduction Virtual Vaults (Dataroom) and how it uses Microsoft as a platform;
  • Digital transformation and the threat landscape;
  • Microsoft’s perspective on cyber resilience and cyber hygiene;
  • Virtual Vaults: enforce 2FA for all end users;
  • SIM swapping and phishing attacks that bypassed 2FA;
  • Lesson learned: lower the friction for end users, coach your support team, improving security is not always that difficult, selecting the right suppliers matters;
  • Q&A.

Register now for the Webinar by Virtual Vaults and Microsoft on the 29th of June, starting at 2 PM CET.

About Virtual Vaults

Virtual Vaults is an innovative Dutch firm providing a secure data sharing platform to a wide range of organizations from across the world. Throughout the past years we have gained a strong position as Virtual Data Room provider within the capital markets. New personal data protection laws and regulations as well as a notable increase in cybercrime have led to a growing demand for secure sharing; on both organizational and individual levels. We are continuously improving and innovating our security whilst also maintaining a user-friendly platform.

About Microsoft

Microsoft helps protect people and organizations against cyberthreats across platforms, with built-in automation and intelligence, integrated through identities, devices, data and infrastructure.


‘Keeping user authentication secure and user-friendly’

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