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‘How to avoid unplanned downtime of your production process’

You can now watch the webinar 'How to avoid unplanned downtime of your production process' on-demand.

We know that at least some of you will agree when we say that for people who get older, it becomes more and more difficult to perform at the same level as in their younger years, right? For compressors this is exactly the same.

Compressor lifetime

The average compressor installed base in European refineries is 26 years old. During the lifetime of a compressor, feedstock and processes may change, possibly leading to impurities in the process. As a result you could face issues causing unplanned downtime:

  • production levels that cannot keep up with market demands;
  • corrosion;
  • safety concerns.

A nightmare in downtime

One of the solutions would be to buy a new compressor. Right? Sounds ideal, but besides the considerable investment, your plant could be out of operation for 2-3 months for installation and commissioning. We can imagine the possible nightmare for those of you who are responsible for production (and thus uptime) or purchasing.

For European Refineries

Especially for European refineries with aging installed base, our Jeroen Kool will host a one hour online training on December 11th at 16.00 hrs.

With a background as Field Service Engineer, Jeroen has been a customer trainer with Howden Thomassen for more than 15 years and is an expert on reciprocating compressors in refining. In this training Jeroen will show you several alternative solutions to fix age issues without causing extra downtime.

Free of charge

At the end of the webinar you can apply for a quick scan of the condition of your compressor base, to understand your risk for unplanned downtime. The quick scan is completely free of charge.


‘How to avoid unplanned downtime of your production process’

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