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‘How solid is your data center security’

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Do you ever consciously consider all the software implemented intendedly and unintendedly in your datacentre? 
Being responsible for your company’s IT landscape is a big responsibility, as you manage a lot of different applications that are critical for business succes. These programs must remain up-to-date and safe. In a world where hackers can access pre-written exploit code, you must deploy the latest security patches to help keep servers hardened, data secure and available, and the reputation of your business intact. Since this is a time consuming task, many times patching is delayed or patches are not executed at all.

During this webinar you learn about the risks of too late or not at all patching software in your datacentre and how Ivanti can help you to patch safely and automated.


  • Risks of unpatched systems
  • Relevance of patching in the datacentre
  • The benefits of Ivanti Patch for datacentre
  • Legacy OS patching
  • Patch and Enterprise Service Management

 The webinar lasts about half an hour. After that we open up questions which will be answered right then and there. We love to meet you online.