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‘DADD virtual mini conference’

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We have a nice mini conference prepared for you! As a replacement for the real-life conference we planned for 5th of November.

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We have the following programme:

  • Opening
  • Building a Resilient Organization - Mark Schwartz - Amazon
  • Q&A with Mark
  • Short break
  • Interview and QnA with Sander Mak - Picnic Technologies
  • NAF activities & events (includes NAF Penning)
  • Closing

Building a Resilient Organization - Mark Schwartz - Amazon

Is there a difference between everyday resilience and resilience to disasters? In many ways, these turn out to be the same; resilience has simply become an aspect of quality. Every bit of code we write must be performant, scalable, secure, and resilient in the face of the unexpected – if it is all those things, then we’re pretty well prepared for disaster. But there is one critical difference, as many of us have discovered during the COVID crisis. Crises require not just technical agility, but also organizational agility. Crisis response is about people – about getting your employees working again and making sure they can do their jobs. In many ways, COVID has been an easy crisis – remote work alone solved many of our organizational problems. But making an organization resilient for future crises is a much more difficult and subtle undertaking. In this session I’ll show how to build true organizational agility to survive and thrive in crisis situations.

Mark is the author of The Art of Business Value , A Seat at the Table: IT Leadership in the Age of Agility, War, Peace and IT and Delicate Art of Bureaucracy coming in October of 2020.

Scaling because of Corona - Sander Mak - Picnic technologies

At the outbreak of Corona, Picnic could see the impact of more people shopping at home in their systems, and they needed to scale up - fast.
We will be interviewing Sander on the journey they went through and how they made it a success.

Sander is Director Of Technologies at Picnic. He is a Java Champion & author of the book for O’Reilly. Also he is a Pluralsight instructor: